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The universe is a different place when you

view it through the eyes of a writer.

Jennifer Dahl

   Welcome to the web world of Jennifer Dahl, tale-teller, dream-weaver, and purveyor of history as written by the loser, the witness, and/or the cause of it all.

    If you’ve ever wondered what really happened to Anne Boleyn before she lost her head; or what ranchers were up to just outside town when the greatest gunfight in history was the talk of Newton, Kansas; or just how misogynistic an old man could be in Victorian England... Well, you’ve come to the right site.

    Get comfortable. Make sure you have your beverage of choice close to hand, and settle in to read excerpts from my works-in-progress. If you’re a history buff, if you like ‘the other side of the story’, I believe you’ll like what you see.

    If you’re a fan of Henry VIII, click on ‘Trinity’, above, and meet the real witch who caused his excommunication. For those of you who prefer a Western tale, ‘This Lesser Earth’ should be your choice. And if you’re enchanted by the rocky cliffs of southern England and the brooding estates built thereon, give ‘Before I Forget September’ a look... Then go to the ‘Contact’ link and let me know you passed this way.

    Thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you soon in your neighborhood bookstore.